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Children's teeth late growth, should worry?

The growth of each child is unique and can not be compared with other children. These differences include when the first tooth first grows. Some children start teething at the age of 6-8 months, but some are already teething at the age of 4 …

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6 Ways to make your child more creative

Creativity becomes an important factor for the success of the child in everyday life, such as generating ideas to answer the challenges he is facing. Yes, because the concept of creativity itself is one's ability to create something …

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Want Menstruation smoothly? try this drink

Menstruation, monthly periods, monthly guests, or whatever the name is a situation that must be felt and lived by women, ranging from age to age 40-50s. It is a routine state of development in women. Women bleed from the vagina for about 2-7 days. …

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Common eye problems affect baby

Most eye problems that occur in infants can be considered not a serious condition, although should not be ignored as well. What to watch out for is if it is not handled properly, it is not possible the problem can become more serious. As an …

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Could menstruation while pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is impossible for a woman to have menstruation. However, not a few pregnant moms who claim to get menstruation despite being pregnant. Then, is it possible for a pregnant woman to have menstruation? Menstruation will only occur …

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