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Male Fertility, Time and Fertility Level

Unlike a woman's fertile period, a man's fertile period can be measured through the quantity and quality of sperm, as well as several other factors that can affect fertility. Anything ?, see the following review! In lay circles, most …

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2 Months Pregnancy: From Embryo to Fetus

When 2 months pregnant, the fetus in the womb has begun to develop rapidly. Maybe an enlarged stomach as a sign of pregnancy has not been clearly seen in your body. Actually, when you are 2 months pregnant there are so many processes that occur in …

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5 Ways to Get a Twin Pregnancy

Having offspring is definitely the dream of every couple. There are only dreams that each couple has of their offspring in the future. For example, want to get pregnant with your first child, boy or twin! Yes, not a few parents who want twins. …

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