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How old is baby can see clearly?

BPerhaps you are wondering, whether the baby, especially the new born, can already see or not? The answer is yes, but he can not see clearly, especially to an object far from him. Unlike her full-fledged sense of hearing when she is one month old. …

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How to overcoming tonsils disease in children

Hearing the term tonsil is already familiar in our ears. People, especially at the age of children, often have tonsillitis which is always feared by parents. Tonsillitis in children is very vulnerable to occur usually at the age of 6 to 15 years. In …

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Signs of pregnancy enter the age of six weeks

Various signs of pregnancy is still a thing to be enjoyed by mothers who are doing a pregnancy program or indeed want to get pregnant. Various signs will certainly be very fun so that mothers always expect pregnancy. But for mothers who have hormone …

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Dangers of calcium deficiency in children

Calcium is a substance that is needed by the body because it can form a process of optimal growth and development of children. Forming bones so that they are always strong can be maintained with calcium and vitamin D intake. Without calcium, muscles …

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Allergy when pregnant can endanger baby?

When the body first comes into contact with an allergic trigger, the body will automatically produce antibodies to counteract the presence of the foreign object. This is because the body considers the object or substance as a threat that is harmful …

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