Friday, November 27 2020
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Risks and Dangers of Cavity Tooth Disease

Cavity is the most common dental disease experienced by almost everyone in the world, so it is considered normal. In fact, if cavities are neglected to severe, eventually it can be fatal to health. Why do dental problems that are considered trivial …

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This is a Gums Pain Medicine at Home

Toothache is certainly disturbing, but gum inflammation is also no less painful. To relieve it, you can use a natural gum pain medication that can be mixed at home. Gum inflammation can be caused by poor health and dental hygiene. This condition …

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Do not Underestimate Lumps in Your Gums

Lumps in the gums can be caused by various dental and oral diseases. Gums are pink soft tissues that are inside your mouth, which have the function of where your teeth are. If the cleanliness is not maintained properly, it can invite various …

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How to Treat Pus in the Gums

Pus on the gums is closely related to a condition called a tooth abscess and can be initiated by periodontal disease. Abscesses cannot heal on their own, medical treatment is done to dry up abscesses, disinfect them with antibiotics, make a canal to …

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