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Causes of Kyphosis and Various Risk Factors

Kyphosis is one of the abnormalities in the spine, where the shape of the upper spine is too bent or curved backward so that the sufferer's body posture becomes bent. Mild kyphosis usually does not require treatment. However, if the condition …

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Effect of Triglycerides on Gout

The increase in triglycerides and gout is quite feared by some people. Both are included in the metabolic syndrome in addition to hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Usually, the results of an examination of gout sufferers show high triglyceride …

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HIV Skin Rashes Don't Be Underestimated

HIV skin rashes are quite common and are experienced by about 90% of people with HIV. Some types of skin rashes are mild and harmless, but others can be dangerous. One of them is a rash caused by an allergy to anti-HIV drugs. HIV skin rash is a …

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