Thursday, October 17 2019
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5 Use of Hormonal Therapy You Need to Know

Hormonal therapy is a treatment method used to treat medical conditions that are associated with hormonal disorders, ranging from alleviating menopausal symptoms to increasing fertility. The human body consists of various kinds of hormones, such as …

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How to Treat Pus in the Gums

Pus on the gums is closely related to a condition called a tooth abscess and can be initiated by periodontal disease. Abscesses cannot heal on their own, medical treatment is done to dry up abscesses, disinfect them with antibiotics, make a canal to …

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5 Intake of Prostate Cancer Triggers

One health problem that men must watch out for is prostate cancer. Cancer that attacks the male vital organs can be caused by many things, from smoking habits, lazy to exercise, or even consumption of certain foods that have carcinogenic properties. …

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