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Healthy life tips to be disease free

Health is a condition that is both a state of well-being and a healthy body that allows a person to lead a more productive life both socially and economically. A person can also be said to be healthy if he can avoid various types of diseases, either …

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The right diet for gout patients

Gout or arthritis gout is closely related to diet. For those of you who have problems with gout, it's good to run a diet program Gout can occur at any time with typical complaints of pain and swelling in the joints of the big toe. Trigger …

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Want a piercing? make sure security first

Piercing done some people for the reason of appearance or art. The commonly pierced body part is the ear. In addition, some people like piercings in the nose, mouth, tongue, eyelids, nipples, even the genital area. Body parts that are pierced will …

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8 Mistakes women make to skin

Although it may have different skin types and taste makeup, basically the routine beauty of women is not so much different. Starting from the process of makeup to clean the face, all women must want the best results. However, it seems difficult to …

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Want Menstruation smoothly? try this drink

Menstruation, monthly periods, monthly guests, or whatever the name is a situation that must be felt and lived by women, ranging from age to age 40-50s. It is a routine state of development in women. Women bleed from the vagina for about 2-7 days. …

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