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How to overcoming tonsils disease in children

Hearing the term tonsil is already familiar in our ears. People, especially at the age of children, often have tonsillitis which is always feared by parents. Tonsillitis in children is very vulnerable to occur usually at the age of 6 to 15 years. In …

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How to prevent sprue to never go back again

There are various ways to prevent canker sores are easy to do, among them by maintaining oral hygiene and lead a healthy and nutritious diet. Check out more tips here, yes! Thrush that appears on the lips or in the mouth can be very annoying. Pain …

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The risk of serious disease behind itchy skin

Itching or pruritus is a very common condition. This can cause discomfort, resulting in sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. You should be careful if the itching occurs for a long time and accompanied by other symptoms, because it can be an …

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