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Signs of pregnancy enter the age of six weeks

Various signs of pregnancy is still a thing to be enjoyed by mothers who are doing a pregnancy program or indeed want to get pregnant. Various signs will certainly be very fun so that mothers always expect pregnancy. But for mothers who have hormone …

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Allergy when pregnant can endanger baby?

When the body first comes into contact with an allergic trigger, the body will automatically produce antibodies to counteract the presence of the foreign object. This is because the body considers the object or substance as a threat that is harmful …

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Food for consumption after childbirth

As a new mother, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to eat healthy foods. Maybe you want to immediately lose weight after giving birth, but after giving birth you just need nutrients to recover. Regularly eating foods …

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Recognizing stroke symptoms when pregnant

A stroke is a serious event that can occur during pregnancy. Of every 100,000 pregnant women, two to 70 of them will have a stroke, depending on the source of information. This may make strokes appear rare, but this indicates that every year several …

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