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6 Facts about Sensitive Teeth You Must Know

Sensitive teeth are pain sensations that are felt for some time when doing certain activities such as brushing teeth, and eating or drinking hot and cold. There are several facts about sensitive teeth that you must know. One of them, the discomfort …

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Overcome Sensitive Teeth in 30 Seconds

Sensitive teeth or dentin hypersensitivity are common and often experienced by many people. This is a common clinical condition caused by an open layer of dentine. This can occur due to the loss of enamel on the teeth. But you don't need to …

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Various Tips for Overcoming Painful Teeth

Often feel pain when eating sweet, sour foods, cold or hot drinks, and when brushing teeth? If it's true, you may experience pain or sensitive teeth. Want to know how to overcome it? See the explanation below. Generally, aching teeth or …

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