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Xerosis : Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Xerosis is a medical term to describe dry skin conditions. The name xerosis arises from Greek, namely "xero" which means dry. Xerosis is a common disease in the community, especially in the elderly. This disease usually occurs in a short time, but …

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Papaya, the Natural Skin Whitening

Some skin care products such as face creams and body creams use papaya as one of its ingredients. Papaya is thought to be good for natural skin whitening because it contains nutrients in it. Papaya contains vitamin C and vitamin A which is good for …

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Secret behind the goodness of lime masks

Lime may not be as popular as lemon in terms of facial care. But the cheap price makes lemon juice an option for use as a face mask. The following reviews about the benefits of lime mask, how to make, and how to use it. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) …

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