Tuesday, November 20 2018
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Best ways to avoid skin from sunburn

Sunburn-induced skin you can experience while lingering outdoors, especially during the day. You should be aware of this, especially the UV content in sunlight is not good for your health if you are too long exposed. Not only cause side effects such …

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Sensitive skin impact and tips to overcome

One of the most difficult types of skin care is sensitive skin. When you choose the wrong product and care for sensitive skin, your skin will become inflamed and experience worse condition. It is very vulnerable because sensitive skin can be very …

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The risk of serious disease behind itchy skin

Itching or pruritus is a very common condition. This can cause discomfort, resulting in sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. You should be careful if the itching occurs for a long time and accompanied by other symptoms, because it can be an …

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