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Risks and Dangers of Cavity Tooth Disease

Cavity is the most common dental disease experienced by almost everyone in the world, so it is considered normal. In fact, if cavities are neglected to severe, eventually it can be fatal to health. Why do dental problems that are considered trivial …

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Various Tips for Overcoming Painful Teeth

Often feel pain when eating sweet, sour foods, cold or hot drinks, and when brushing teeth? If it's true, you may experience pain or sensitive teeth. Want to know how to overcome it? See the explanation below. Generally, aching teeth or …

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7 Things that trigger caries in teeth

There are many problems that can affect the teeth, one of which is caries. Caries in the teeth can affect anyone, both in children, adults and the elderly. The occurrence of dental caries Caries in teeth is damage to the tooth structure caused by …

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