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Common eye problems affect baby

Most eye problems that occur in infants can be considered not a serious condition, although should not be ignored as well. What to watch out for is if it is not handled properly, it is not possible the problem can become more serious. As an …

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Your baby is dehydrated? Here's the danger

Heard the word dehydration, which comes to mind must be the condition of the body lack of fluids. How can a baby get dehydrated while she continues to drink milk? Make no mistake, it turns out infants aged at 0-6 months can also be dehydrated. The …

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Caring for baby health starts from milk teeth

The presence of milk teeth is actually very important, because later provide a place for adult teeth growth. Milk teeth also help the baby in chewing food and help talk well. Teeth are part of the support of the digestive process, which is to bite, …

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How old is baby can see clearly?

BPerhaps you are wondering, whether the baby, especially the new born, can already see or not? The answer is yes, but he can not see clearly, especially to an object far from him. Unlike her full-fledged sense of hearing when she is one month old. …

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Allergy when pregnant can endanger baby?

When the body first comes into contact with an allergic trigger, the body will automatically produce antibodies to counteract the presence of the foreign object. This is because the body considers the object or substance as a threat that is harmful …

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