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ADHD : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a long-term disorder that attacks millions of children with symptoms that can last into adulthood. Anyone has the possibility to suffer from a condition that is more commonly known as this …

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Child Growth: This Is Myth and Fact

As parents, mothers may realize, maybe even directly experience the prohibitions and advice on how to take care of children that are considered good. Sometimes advice that is considered good is not really a good thing or just a myth. Usually, these …

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The Result If Your Child Has Early Puberty

Puberty is a period in which a child experience changes marked by the active start of the sexual organs in his body. This process occurs because of hormonal changes and generally begins to occur when the child enters adolescence. Normally, puberty …

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Boils Drugs for Children and Home Care

Boils in children are generally caused by bacterial infections of the skin. One effort to eliminate it is to give ulcers. In order for boils to heal quickly and not recur, the Mother also needs to apply appropriate home care steps. Boils are often …

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7 Fun Activities for Children with Autism

Every year April 4 is celebrated as World Autism Care Day. Whether you experience autism or not, children need play or exciting physical activity to support their growth and development. Well, not a few parents who find it difficult to find exciting …

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