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Food Allergy : Symptoms and Cause

Food allergies are allergic reactions that occur as a result of our body's immune system mistakenly responding to food-derived proteins and treating them as a threat. One allergic reaction that appears can be itching and a rash on the …

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Healthy Food Choices for Pregnant Women

The development and health of the womb depends on the nutrients you consume while pregnant. Look at healthy food choices for pregnant women so that the mother and fetus stay healthy. When you are pregnant, you really don't need to eat too much …

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10 Foods that are vulnerable trigger cancer

You certainly know that processed foods generally contain high sugar, fat, and sodium. If consumed, especially in excess amounts, your risk for obesity can increase doubled. In fact, it does not rule out the possibility that you can also contract …

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Orthorexia, Obsession with Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods is very good for your health. However, for some people, being too focused on eating healthy can become obsessive and turn into an eating disorder known as orthorexia. Like other eating disorders, orthorexia has severe …

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