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Food Allergy : Symptoms and Cause

Food allergies are allergic reactions that occur as a result of our body's immune system mistakenly responding to food-derived proteins and treating them as a threat. One allergic reaction that appears can be itching and a rash on the …

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6 Of these Foods Make Bone Health Worse

Maintaining bone health is important because this one part serves to support the body. Without strong and healthy bones, the posture cannot be maximal. Many people do not know that there are foods and drinks that can make bone health worse. What …

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Foods for Low Blood Patients

Low blood can be detected when the doctor performs a blood pressure check. To increase blood pressure, doctors will usually advise patients to regularly consume low blood foods, such as nuts, bananas, avocados, broccoli, and eggs. In healthy …

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5 Intake of Prostate Cancer Triggers

One health problem that men must watch out for is prostate cancer. Cancer that attacks the male vital organs can be caused by many things, from smoking habits, lazy to exercise, or even consumption of certain foods that have carcinogenic properties. …

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