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Foods that contain high gas

Many factors make you experience flatulence, belching, and frequent flue gas. One reason is to consume foods that contain gas. Although relatively normal, but if there is too much gas in the body, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment when …

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These 9 foods can fight lung cancer

Consuming five or more servings of fruits, such as apples, pears, and green leafy vegetables per day can significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic lung disease. Once the results of the study were published in the Thorax journal. In the …

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6 Natural sore throat medications

Sore throats can be an early sign of colds and flu, side effects from a tightened vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious, such as sore throat. Regardless of the cause, a sore throat can really make it difficult and make you …

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11 Ways to maintain eye health

Prevention is better than cure, no exception for eye health. Many simple ways to do it. The following easy steps can be taken to maintain the health of your eyes. The eye is one of the sensory organs that is important to humans. Maintaining eye …

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